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  • This service is by appointment only. Unscheduled logons will not be answered. 

  • If this is an emergency contact 911/ER.

  • Choose a private location where you are able to speak freely.

  • Must be fully clothed for all virtual appointments.

  • Be stationary / not driving during your appointment.

  • All minors must be accompanied by a parent.

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Terms of Service


I understand that during a Telehealth Appointment:

  • details of my medical history and personal health information may be discussed with me and/or other health professionals;

  • audio, video, or photo recordings containing medical details may be transmitted via secure channels and those details may become part of my permanent medical record;

  • all confidentiality protections granted to me by various state and federal laws also apply to my care during this appointment;

  • industry-standard network and software security protocols are in place that protect the privacy of the communication and safeguard my transmitted information against eavesdropping and corruption;

  • there may be security and privacy risks associated with Internet-based communications;

  • there are benefits and limitations when compared to a traditional in-person visit due to the fact that I will not be in the same room as my healthcare provider;

  • either my Healthcare Provider or I can discontinue the Telehealth Appointment if either of us feels that the information obtained through remote communications is not adequate for diagnostic decision-making or for providing the care I desire;

  • in addition to my Healthcare Provider named above, I will be informed of any other person(s) who may be present during the appointment and have the right to have them leave the viewing and listening area;

  • to maintain my privacy, I need to ensure that my viewing and listening area is limited to myself and any other person that has a need to participate during the virtual appointment;

  • due to the limitations of telehealth that are out of my control (such as an unreliable internet connection), I will call local authorities (9-1-1) to assist me with a medical emergency;

  • my Healthcare Provider may advise me to seek immediate treatment or determine that there is a medical emergency and, as such, local authorities may be given my personal details to assist me;

  • the communication is privileged and confidential, and I will not record the audio or video without first seeking the permission of my Healthcare Provider.​

  • this service is by appointment only. Unscheduled logons will not be answered. 

  • I must be fully clothed for all virtual appointments.

  • driving during my appointment is not permitted.

  • All minors must be accompanied by a parent

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